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What are the best ways to save money?


To save money, you should introspect where exactly did you spend all your money, because the best way to save money is to spend less and earn more.

I know we have been hearing this from ages, but the question revolves around applying it to our lifestyles.

But how?

So, before reading ahead, I want you to just look around yourself and observe all the things that you have brought just to look cool in front of your friends or maybe just because you needed something to accompany your long drive or just to get an experience of it or any other reason, but definitely you did not use it for more than a month.

Are you regretting buying them? Are these things still haunting you back?

So from next time onwards, think twice before you buy them, but wait, you can’t. You still want to own those things, experience them because that feels so right at the time.

So, my friend, for all those urges, my short answer for you is to RENT them. Yes, you read it right !!! Just rent it, use it, and now when you are sure of buying it. BUY IT but, trust me half of the times you will end up not buying it and hence, saving a lot of money.

To support you there are lots of companies today that rent out a large number of items. You have a lot of choices from dresses to furniture, electronics, cameras, go-pros. You name it and many sites provide it. So, spend your money wisely. Buy yourself the experiences, not things.

Here at KirayePe, we are trying to help people in both the area, earning money by just lending your stuff to others, or by renting, or by renting them you can save a lot of money. now you have enough funds to experience more in life.

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