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6 Reasons why you should rent out your books!

To all the book lovers, we know how difficult it is to have any of our books to go out of sight. It is like asking us to break up with our long-term partner with whom we’ll always be in love. But did you ever consider renting them? Neither will you be losing them nor it will harm your book collection, right? A lot of you might be skeptical about it but trust us, the benefits of it will overrule all the doubts you have in your mind.

Here are 6 Reasons why you should consider renting your books :

  • Rent old books to give way to new ones: We are such addictive lovers, that there isn’t enough space to contain them,find it familiar? We have so many books on our shelves that the new ones are always compromised but do you know what can stop it? Renting your old books to be able to introduce new ones in your life!

  • Earning money never hurts: We know that books are more valuable than money but what if you don’t have money to buy new books? It is a tough choice but it is also worth the try, right? Renting books has so many benefits in itself, it not only gives space to the new ones but also allows us to buy them! Let’s Read, Rent and Repeat!

  • Now the upcoming authors have a platform: Not every author can have the benefits of getting a budget to be able to produce thousands of copies for their book. But we all want to reach out to people right? Why not rent out the limited copies you have and reach a greater audience without having to sell all of them to a few? Let’s strategise, shall we?

  • Let’s not be selfish: Not all us are privileged to be able to buy books all the time. Knowledge is expensive. So why not we all come together and help our fellow readers to get knowledge without having them spend much? Renting your books can help other people who cannot afford expensive texts, you know.

  • Sustainability needs to be thought over: As cliche as it might sound to some, but yes, misusing the sources that nature provides us with, has become one of the major issues that the environment is going through which also disturbs the economic growth because the natural resources are diminishing day by day.Did you know that around 80,000 to 160,000 trees are cut down each day around the world with a significant percentage being used in the paper industry? Yes, that’s a fact! Renting/Sharing books can help us save our environment, after all, every little bit counts!

  • It is an optimized option: Yes, you heard it right. We know a lot of people who are obsessed with their books but still hold a good heart to share them. What do they do? How do they share it without having to lose it? The simple answer is RENTING. Rent your books, this way you would never lose them and you will be able to share them as well!

If you are confused to find the perfect platform to rent your books, then here is where we can help you! On KirayePe you can easily rent your books out without having the fear to lose them! Just KirayePe! Here is the link to download the app:

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