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5 Interesting ways to read a book!

We all have read books that begin from page one and end by the last page but have you ever thought of reading in a way that could make your journey even more interesting? Trust us, there are more that one way of reading books and if you were not already familiar then let us take you through it :

The “Black Out Poetry” is a poet hack, never lose it.

Have you ever tried to blacking out words from a page of the book you are reading? If not, then you are living under a rock, my friend! It is such an intriguing way of using a story to build up poetry. The words are already there, you just have to find a different meaning. Isn’t that amazing?

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The last page is your first now:

Tell us if you can relate? Reading from the first page becomes boring sometimes right? We understand if you like to go with the flow but have you ever tried to know what the end is like without even knowing what led to it? It is one of the tricks that we love using when it comes to making reading interesting. Breaking the stereotypes in a way is fun!

Never let the story end:

As a reader, have you ever felt disappointed that a book ended so fast that you were not completely satisfied and cannot wait for the 2nd part to arrive? Then why let yourself feel like that when you can continue it yourself? Guess the story of the sequel, make your own characters and when the book finally arrives, see it for yourself if you were right!

Anyone Can Be A Shakespeare:

Did you know that the famous play “Merchant Of Venice” was actually a combination of three different stories? Surprised right? If Shakespeare can do that then why can’t we? Take multiple favourite books of yours and try to make up one story! It is all in your hands, you just need to begin with it!

Highlight what inspires you:

We have all come across a book that has so many fascinating quotes and statements that never leaves our head but whenever we try to find it again, it gets lost. Next time, just highlight them! You will never lose it. Highlight them, get sticky notes, make your book more personal!

Let us know if you found these ways interesting and we would love to hear which one was your favourite!

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