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Lender @ KirayePe

Anyone with any item can become a lender

just download the app and upload your items

Getting Started

Find an Item

find an infrequently used item lying around and upload it to KirayePe

Upload Item

take image of the item and upload it with a fair price on KirayePe

Chat or Book

wait for the chat or booking on the KirayePe app

How to Lend

Wait for Orders

wait for the orders on the KirayePe app

take the Item

take the item back from borrower and update in the app

Upload Item

discuss and find a common place to exchange item


We will put the money and refund the security deposit to borrower

Share your Item

give Item on rent to Borrower and make sure he mark it as the pick up in KirayePe app

Book an Item

Now you have extra money, book an item on KirayePe and help others

25K + Customers

Reach directly to 25K + downloaded users in one go

Verified User

We verify users for you. As more users are getting verified we are building a community of trusted users to share the items

Security Amount

To create a more secure environment we hold the security amount from the users


KirayePe provide free insurance to lender at no extra cost 

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